Bischofberger Violin Shop located in Seattle's Capitol Hill. Welcome to Bischofberger Violins.

Few instruments are as beautiful and melodious as a fine violin, viola, cello or bass from Bischofberger Violins, Seattle's premiere violin shop.

We are true craftsmen from a long line of internationally respected violin makers and dealers with a legacy dating back to the early 1900's in Zurich, Switzerland.  Our business on Capitol Hill in Seattle has served the arts community for over fifty years.

Bischofberger Violins offers instruments for sale and for rent.  We also appraise and repair instruments.  Additionally, we supply bows, strings and other items.

Feel free to email us, call us, or stop by our shop.  We're happy to share our knowledge and love of the arts with you.

Bischofbeger Violins voted Seattle's Best!